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Life; What happens when you're busy making plans. This statement couldn't be more true for my husband and I.

When we got married, we knew our journey to parenthood would be different then most due to the medical problems I have. But that didn't phase me. Growing up in and out of the hospital made me think I could handle any obstacle that came our way. Boy was I wrong.

When we first started doing research on the different options to become parents, it took us awhile to fully process it all. We were shocked by the complexity and amount of money each one brought. Regardless, having a family of our own is something we have dreamed about our entire lives so we made commitment to not to give up, no matter what.

We were extremely blessed to have a family member step forward and offer to carry a child for us - at no charge. This alone would save us at least $50,000, cutting out the agency and surrogacy cost. We immediately got started on the IVF process and before we knew it, one of the seven little embryos made it and just like that - we were officially pregnant! We were on cloud 9! All of the emotional, physical, mental, and financial stress of IVF was worth this very moment.

Unfortunately, this moment didn't last long. At 13 weeks pregnant, we found out we lost the baby. And just like that, we saw our dreams of becoming parents shattering into pieces.

How could this happen? What went wrong? That entire year of planning, prepping, legal documents, shots, hormones, procedures, the money...How could we ever go on after this?

Just as we were about to give up, friends of ours reached out offering the opportunity to try once more at surrogacy. "Oh believe me, this is not an easy road. There is so much involved; it is by far the most challenging thing we have ever experienced. You don't really want to do this" I told our friends. But they insisted. And said it was something they had always wanted to do - at no charge.

Pablo Picasso once said "The meaning of life is to find your gift and the purpose of life is to give it away”. What these two women and their families have done for my husband and I is something we could never repay them for and for that, we are forever grateful. We can only hope one day to make that kind of an impact of someone.
You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only option you have. And with that strength, my husband and I began the process once more through IVF.

Also, this is when my friend Sarah and I began the Infertility Support Group at Enloe Medical Center. We knew we were not alone in the struggle to become parents. And now, a year later, we can't imagine our lives without the support group. Every month we get to meet other couples in the community who have been on similar journeys and shared the same heartache. Having this support group during the second IVF experience has made a world of difference. I didn't feel as stressed and loved knowing I can go to this group with anything and they would completely understand.

I am honored and humbled to say our dream of becoming parents is now a reality. Our son, Jack Michael, was born January 5th, 2017. After all the years of struggle, I can wholeheartedly say he was worth the wait! We now can not wait to help other couples achieve their dreams of parenthood.